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My Ketamine Story

My name is Gina and I'd like to share my Ketamine story with you. I have Treatment Resistant Depression, which is a type of Major Depressive Disorder. I call it "The Black Hole." Over the years, my episodes have gotten more frequent and last longer. When it became a struggle to keep my head above water, I was forced to retire from a job I loved.


Over the last 30 years, I've tried almost every medication in the book. Sometimes I'd get relief, but it usually took several weeks or months before it started to help. Even if I felt better, the effects of the drug didn't last long. Thankfully, my primary care physician suggested Ketamine.


As a nurse, I already knew that Ketamine was being used for depression. But like lots of people, I had misconceptions about the drug and had never discussed it with my doctor. I was embarrassed to ask about it because of the negative hype that I had read and heard.


I took a step of faith and reached out to the Bluegrass Ketamine Center in January 2023. My phone call was returned within 24 hours. After consultations with the nurse and physician, my first infusion was scheduled for the following week. The nurse made sure I was well prepared for what to expect and what to bring with me.


I felt really anxious on infusion day, but also filled with excitement and hope that I might find relief from my depression. I kept reminding myself to keep an open mind with realistic expectations since every person's response to Ketamine is unique to them.


The actual infusion was a very positive experience. It was pleasant and not scary at all. I didn't lose touch with reality and was able to open my eyes and interact with the nurse if needed. During the infusion, I remembered events from my childhood, but saw them through the lens of an adult. It was insightful and comforting. After the infusion, I felt groggy and slept for most of the day but could feel a difference within 24 hours.


My response to Ketamine has been life changing. I became aware of things I didn't even realize that I had. The heaviness I carried in my chest was no longer there. Conversation was more comfortable. Laughter wasn't fake. If I felt prompted to do something, I'd just do it instead of putting it off. I found joy in simple things like the taste and smell of food. Colors seemed brighter. Time with family felt more precious. I realize how cliché it sounds, but it's really true for me. My husband says I have my smile again. My daughter says she has her momma back.


I'm so grateful that I found Ketamine. I know that it's not a cure and I still have days when I don't feel well. However, there are more good days than bad. Ketamine is helping me outrun "The Black Hole" for now. Please keep in mind that this is MY experience, and everyone reacts differently.


If you would like more information or have questions about Ketamine, please contact the Bluegrass Ketamine Center to see if it's an option for you.


- Gina

My Ketamine Story

I have had an exceptionally positive experience with IV Ketamine therapy at Bluegrass Ketamine Center. The staff is warm, welcoming and reassuring. And Jessica, the RN who treats me is like an angelic presence during my infusions. 

IV Ketamine has definitely helped with my depression, anxiety and chronic pain.  I have been able to eliminate one antidepressant altogether and reduce the other by one-half. And I have been much more motivated to get up off the sofa and go to the gym. As for my pain….the most encouraging thing I’ve noticed is that it makes the pain much less noticeable. It's still there in the background but it has a much quieter voice and is no longer screaming at me everyday. Overall, I’d say that Ketamine infusions at Bluegrass Ketamine Center have truly helped me.


- 71 year old female

My Ketamine Story

Being depressed is exhausting.

That’s one of the cruelest ironies about mental health.  When you’re in a dark place, everyone around you — all your friends and family — they just want to see you doing what you love again, being happy, being “the old you.”  

Sometimes it feels like the world is looking at you saying things like, “Come on, man, just get over it.  Don’t think like that.  Just move on.”

But what people on the outside don’t always understand is that it takes all of your strength and willpower just to exist.  Just to keep ongoing.  Battling depression, battling anxiety, battling any mental health disorder… it’s all just so unbelievably exhausting.


- Kevin Love

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